My name is Emily Shiffler. I have a passion for all things pretty. Throughout my life I grew up with a powerhouse of a family. I was taught how to learn, how to laugh, and how to work.

More than anything I am a jack of all trades. In high school I found a knack for event planning and photography. I’ve done hair and makeup for years and love helping someone prepare for any special day. In college I have studied Public Relations, graphic design, video editing and social media management. My internship was for a Triple-A baseball team where I explored a lot of different jobs. My career coming out of college has consisted of a salesperson, an audio engineer, an event coordinator, and so much more.


I truly cannot pick one thing because of how amazing each of these jobs and skills are. I’ve decided to call myself a “freelancer.” I can confidently do all of the things I have listed above as well as learn even more. I want to be a self-starter and an influencer.

For the next two years I will continue to hone my craft in whatever job or projects come my way. How can I help you?


Emily Shiffler



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