Vegas Weekend Trip

What an awesome weekend! As you many have seen on our social media we took a much needed getaway to Las Vegas Nevada. Now to be honest we do not drink, smoke, or gamble. However, we love good food, photography, and adventures so we made the best of it!


Our first adventure: Top Golf


This driving range is a great place to hang out, eat, and golf your day away. The location in Las Vegas had multiple levels of driving stalls where we could drive to our hearts desire. It was shaded, clean, and well ran. The whole experience was amazing and so much fun!


Next: Our Hotel


During our stay we were at Harrah’s hotel. Since we are not gamblers, the casino was neither a perk nor an annoyance. The hotel was spaced with plenty of food and things to do. Our favorite? Country Dancing to the live band at Toby Keith’s “I love this Bar and Grill” If you don’t know country music please look up this song and dance a little bit. It’s a fun one.


Last: The Strip

Now like I said, we went to Vegas for its sights more than anything. On our last night we walked down the strip and tried our hand at some night photography. The strip is bustling and bright. Throughout the evening we saw shops, live music, clubs, and food that we simply didn’t have enough time to enjoy. The fountain at the Bellagio is an amazing reflection pool for the lights at night but check the times so you don’t miss it like us. Vegas may not be our favorite city but it definitely showed us some amazing sights.

Our time this trip was mainly spent relaxing and spending time with friends. It is nice to stop looking through a lens for a little while, but trust me when I say more is coming!


A.J. & EM


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