San Francisco Adventure Spring Break ’17


This adventure: Our Favorite City! San Francisco means so much to A.J. and I. As you may know, we both grew up about an hour and a half away from the bay area. We are both EXTREME San Francisco Giants Fans and fantasize about Spring Training in Arizona and buying a suite at AT&T Park.


Since it was our Spring Break, we wanted to do some touristy things! We went to several locations to show our some of our favorite things about our favorite city. The first spot was the Golden Gate Bridge and it had an amazing little hike.


Also A.J. got some amazing shots with the Drone and they are breathtaking! Be sure to keep an eye out for our video!


Next spot: The Palace of Fine Arts. Really it’s just a little pond with some amazing sculptures, the placing of this piece of art is amazing.



Throughout this amazing park, there are so many colors and amazing textures with the stone, brick, stone, metal, and foliage. This shoot gave us so much diversity and it was a blast to just walk around with our cameras and explore the nooks and crannies of this place!


We went on such an overcast day that we had perfect lighting at every location and every time of day! It made my heart so happy and much more prone to push our photography comfort zones!


This ceiling made A.J. and I so entranced, we had stiff necks from looking up at it so much! Also I don’t think I could have gotten this good of a shot without the overcast day we had!



A.J.’s skills are on point! He wanted some closeups of these angels on the inside of the dome and this is the progress of his shots. I couldn’t be more proud of this passion we have together!


Also, flowers…. so I kind of had to get my #instagramhusband to get to shooting and of course, I’M AMAZED!


The flowers and trees here were amazing and the Adobe Lightroom Filters from Sawyer Hartman gave some amazing vivid colors to our photos this trip.


Isn’t he so cute! He made me take more pictures of him!


Now these were down by a Yacht Harbor and it gave us a bigger picture to the Golden Gate Bridge.


I know we say this a lot on the blog and on our other social media, but we are so blessed. We have some amazing friends and family. I can’t believe that he picked me and we have so many fun things coming the next few months! I cant wait to experience everything with him and show you guys here and on YouTube.


Again his skills are on point!!  Holy Cow! Probably one of my favorite shots of the whole trip!


Then there is this face! He’s so flipping cute and I’m so lucky!


Another location was Grace Cathedral which had some amazing details that could not even fit on our SD cards! You will have to check our video to see more details of it!


After Grace Cathedral, we decided to move closer to some good food! We went to Pier 39 for some shopping and clam chowder. I think that food always makes a trip. What are some of your favorite spots? Leave a comment!


Then our real fun begins! It had been well over a year since either A.J. or I had gone to a game so we simply had to!


San Francisco Tip: Garlic Fries pretty much anywhere in the city are amazing because the garlic is brought in from Gilroy, California. However, the best ones are at the Giant’s Stadium.


We may not have won, but we absolutely had to rep our jerseys that we got made for our wedding reception with our wedding date. 07-30-16. Corny I know but when you have a favorite person, team, and day, you have to combine them!


We hope you guys enjoyed our trip and we hope you guys know we have so much more planned this next little while. Please keep an eye out and follow us on updates, stories, photos, videos and so much more!



A.J. and Emily


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