5 Key things I need in my Workspace


Everyone has a “happy place” that they go to when they want to feel relaxed or as if they don’t have a care in the world. I believe there is also a space we can make where our creative juices flow and we can just get stuff done! Somewhere to keep us focused, alert, and passionate.

Whether it is homework, blog work, taxes, photography, video editing, or makeup, this is the space where I can focus and get things done that otherwise, I would procrastinate doing. Here are 5 things that I simply cannot go without when in my workspace.

1. My Beverage

Everyone has one, that sip of something yummy that keeps you from getting out of your chair. Ever since I can remember I have had a water bottle, soda, hot chocolate, or something in my hand.

2. My Planner

This thing saves my life. Every Sunday I sit down and map our my daily activities, homework, meals, and other important information that I need to function every day. It comes with me everywhere because without it I don’t think I would know what to do next!

3. Music

Depending on what I am doing at my desk I have different music playing. Many times it is acoustic versions of pop classics or even indie favorites. My music has to have a drive that can assist mine but not to the point that it will over power my own tasks. Sorry but the Top 40 in across America will just distract me and keep me from work. One of my favorite music services is Spotify. They have already made playlists for your mood or activity which helps a lot when you are stumped on what to play.


4. Inspiration

Anything that can curb a little bit of boredom helps. A book on make-up secrets, a coloring book for adults, or even just my open window. Now when I say “anything” I mean “Anything but the internet.” All of us have gotten sucked into the twilight zone of the internet on Pinterest, YouTube, or Facebook. Now I believe if you are looking for something specific the internet is an amazing tool of inspiration but without direction on the internet, you might as well be lost at sea.

My Favorite Makeup Book


5. A Deadline

I notice that with my perfectionist personality I need a deadline to tell me that I am done fine tuning something. I set timers and I have to make a plan or I tend to sink into distractions. Setting a goal for me gets things done! Keep goals! Keep moving!


Thank You for Reading!


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