KayLay Designs- String Art

I love helping friends with their businesses! McKayla is a dear friend who has the cutest little boy! Her business in Rexburg is booming and she is constantly coming out with cute things. I had the awesome opportunity to take product photos for her last month so I figured you should see some of them.

Her Instagram is right here: Kaylay Design

I love this small piece she did for a baby girl’s room. So sweet!


I’m not going to lie to you, this piece is mine. She made it just for me and trust me it has fueled my love for Harry Potter even more!


I love that someone wanted something that showed their state pride.


Mountains, such majestic things, right? I love her designs that go with camping and the great outdoors!


This was a piece that she made to donate to a family in need. How could you not love that unicorn?


Missionary plaques make me so emotional! I may have to get a Portugal one for my brother when he comes home in November!


Rainbow Art for a Rainbow baby. Breathtaking and Vibrant.


KayLay Designs are amazing. She was also featured as the Artist for the month in June’s Place, a local coffee shop, here in Rexburg. She has everything from last names, DIY kits, to ultrasounds, and so much more!

She’s a great friend and I’m so glad I could help share her art with the world!

Check out her Etsy shop is here! : KayLay Etsy Shop


Green House Collaboration

Misty has been a friend for a long time! Her business is booming and she has a great eye for design. I love her dearly and we relate on a ton! She has a talent for Social Media Marketing and works wonders. I love collaborating on projects with her and I think this one was my most favorite one yet!


Isn’t she ADORABLE!? These greenhouses were just the warm sanctuary we needed to get some cute lifestyle photos for her new business. It’s still in the works but I promise you will see more from her very soon!

I also did some product shots of her work which are just beautiful. Take a look!

A wedding invitation with a woodsy theme:


Templates for Graduation Announcements:


And another Adorable Wedding invitation with watercolor work:


You think the fun ends there? Nope. At the greenhouses, she turned the camera around on me! I forget how fun it is to take pictures with a friend who hypes you up! This one was a favorite between the two of us.


These photos are so much fun and I cannot wait to share more from Misty. She’s talented and amazing, I’m lucky to collaborate with her so often! These greenhouses were a paradise in the middle of Idaho. Thanks for looking at my photos again. I really appreciate the support.


Trupp Wedding Announcement

Some of my favorite projects are the ones I don’t ask to be paid for. Ky and Ali have become some of my best friends over the past few years. I’m very excited for their wonderful wedding coming up in the next few weeks! How cute are they!


Morgan Weaver Creative has an amazing eye and these engagement photos were a dream to work with. How cute are these photos? These would be a dream to get into the mail. I love love! Love is so fun. Weddings are a dream. So excited for these love birds and I’m so glad I got to see their story unfold from the beginning. Here’s to love and more happy couples!


I never want a Bride to sit at 3am and be frustrated that she cannot find what she wants. Every bride, every couple is different. Every wedding is unique, and I want to enhance the experience of any Bride whether that’s in photography, helping her plan, or designing her invitations. All you lovebirds out there, never forget that this will go on YOUR fridge forever, so you better love it!

More samples of my other designs are coming! Do you need a wedding invitation made? Email me: emily.shiffler@gmail.com

Lipsense Business Cards

As A.J. and I venture more and more into our business we are finding that we love working with people we know. Katelyn has been doing well with her Senegence Business and she reached out to us not too long ago for some paper products.


We built her some chic business cards from scratch and a loyalty card for her wonderful customers.


Building that iconic Lipsense tube was such a fun challenge to take on, and it looks pretty true to the actual tube if I do say so myself! Such a fun project to work on and it was great to reconnect to a friend of ours.


Anyone else needs business cards? Let us know!


Emily and A.J. Shiffler

Baby Willie Gender Reveal

Samantha and Nathan Willie are expecting! This little bundle of joy is due July 29th. We are all so excited to meet this baby. Yesterday I had the pleasure to tell Mom and Dad if they were getting a little girl or boy!

“Having kids—the responsibility of rearing good, kind, ethical, responsible human beings—is the biggest job anyone can embark on.” – Maria Shriver


Behind each clay pigeon was a balloon and only one was filled with the colored powder of pink or blue. While Nate and Sam hid out of site, we placed the balloon on the tree.


I was present during the ultrasound and it was so sweet seeing these two so excited for their little bundle of joy.


The shoot off began!


After having to reload both of their guns, finally, they hit the right one to find…..


It’s a Girl!


A sweet embrace…


and a confetti popper later…


these two now embark on preparing to be parents of a sweet baby girl.


HOW FUN! I’m blessed to have so many friends becoming parents. Here’s to more binkies, dresses, tiny onesies, and more!


Emily and A.J.

Custom Wedding Invitations

Hello Friends! I wanted to get on here and discuss the most stressful part of wedding planning, the invitations.

If you are working on your invitations you are going through every family member to get addresses, deciding who goes to your ceremony and which pictures go where. I remember being overwhelmed with what to do for our little 5″ by 7″ invitation. I looked on every website imaginable, Pinterest, Etsy, Wedding Paper Divas, and I even stalked some old friends Facebook pages to make sure my invitation was different. After finding a folded design I had a vision of what I wanted but it was nowhere to be found. Then I took matters into my own hands.


Our photos still give me butterflies. I remember sitting for hours with A.J. trying to pick a font that wouldn’t make Shiffler look crazy. I wanted to be clean and beautiful. Now I want to do the work for other Brides! I love invitation design, I love weddings, and I love seeing people in love! What a better way to expand my business!


I never want a Bride to sit at 3am and be frustrated that she cannot find what she wants. Every bride, every couple is different. Every wedding is unique, and I want to enhance the experience of any Bride whether that’s in photography, helping her plan, or designing her invitations.


All you lovebirds out there, never forget that this will go on YOUR fridge forever, so you better love it!

More samples of my other designs are coming! Do you need a wedding invitation made? Email me: emily.shiffler@gmail.com

Emily and A.J.

5 minute Snow Shoot

The running joke while you are living in Rexburg, is that the weather does not make up its mind. It could be sunny and almost warm one minute and then a storm with wind and snow rolls through. This storm we knew was rolling in, it hit Utah and made its way north while we all broke out our jackets after three weeks of clear driveways. Naturally, friends of ours wanted some winter wonderland pictures. Hunter and Tristan were troopers. All of these photos were done within about 20 minutes and every freezing second brought results!

Now after my own fingers going numb, Tristan offered A.J. and I to be in front of the lens for a change. We quickly shook the snow off of our hair and ran into each other’s arms. I’m lucky to have a partner so willing to jump into odd photo situations with me. A.J. is a goof and always makes me laugh in photos. The falling snow reminded me of when we were first dating. It was cold but sweet.


This short little photo session was fun, chilly, but so needed. Lately, with work and A.J. pushing so hard in school, we needed a little adventure. Our fingers and camera survived and we took some killer Instagram shots. Here’s to more storms coming, more adventures, and photos to come!

Ronan’s Birth Story

Meghan and Jaren were married in 2015. I know this because I met them while living with Meghan in our first semesters of college. Jaren is incredibly brilliant and funny. Meghan is sweet and so strong.

On Thursday, February 8, 2018, Jaren left for work and not an hour later Meghan called with the news of her water breaking. After getting to the hospital at 9am they messaged friends and family that their little boy was coming!

Meghan said her contractions were more discomfort after her epidural. She was “noodle-y” according to Jaren. She had itchy skin but a happy disposition. Finally, some of the pressure started to come, so the nurses checked in more and more. Meghan progressed fast and started to push. Jaren was by her side, attentive and helpful to whatever she needed.

After pushing three times Doctor Codd was brought in to deliver Ronan. Every nurse and doctor called Meghan a “rockstar.” Every push was praised and rewarded with compliments. Then at 4:33pm Ronan’s cry came, Meghan and Jaren became Mom and Dad.

I remember seeing tears in Meghan’s eyes seeing her little boy for the first time. Ronan immediately was placed on her chest and he stopped crying. The new parents stared at his amazing face, sweet eyes, little fingers, and tiny toes. What a miracle.

Mom and baby are both healthy. They all went home Saturday, February 10th for the first time as a family of three. Welcome to the world, Ronan David Rambo. You are so loved.

Seeing some of your best friends become parents is such a blessing. Meeting sweet Ronan and showering him with love was a pleasure. This experience made me grateful for my own mother, for my husband, and for the future. The human body is amazing and God gives us so many reasons to be grateful. For my first birth story, it was a life-changing experience.